Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Husk Charleston SC

While in Charleston at the weekend we had brunch at Husk restaurant viewed to be best new restaurant of the year by Bon Appetit. In fact the article in Bon Appetit really sparked my interest and made me want to eat there. I love the philosophy of farm to table and the seasonal menu that often changes daily. This approach is very similar to a restaurant we ate at in Edinburgh Scotland - Castle Terrace, on target to receive a michelin star. I struggled to get a table for 7 when making reservations and often it can be booked for 6 weeks, but the manager was very kind on twitter and helped me out he even said hi when we arrived. 

Husk is located downtown Charleston in a beautiful old white mansion. Its interior is modern and very inviting and it has wonderful utensils and tableware, reminiscent of days gone by. In fact the menu follows the same theme with traditional southern dishes from scratch with a twist. The James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock is well known for this. 

76 Queen Street
Charleston, SC 29401-2220

I ordered Southern BBQ which came with cheddar and bread, sausage and potato hash and a fried egg. It was super tasty but honestly a tad heavy and greasy. Everyone enjoyed the food and overall great experience I saved the best for last the first picture on the blog is my dessert a oatmeal pie with brown sugar custard this did impress me. I would give Husk 7/10 worth eating at if in Charleston but not quite worth the hype. 

On Friday we dined at Circa 1886 at the Wentworth Mansion hotel. In fact this was a fluke as due to feeding the little guy we lost our reservation at Slightly North of Broad, another Charleston classic and as I called around they said they could accommodate and they had a private room, a bonus with three kids! We had a great time and were very impressed with the food, it even had a touch of molecular gastronomy the bread was served with what appeared to be whipped butter but on asking it was olive oil.

I ordered flounder with heirloom tomatoes and squash ravioli topped with a Parmesan foam that they poured a stock over - superb. Hubby got shrimp and quail and his friend ordered antelope from Texas. 

This was my dessert like a key lime cheesecake with curd in the center, raspberry coulis and candied lime peel. First class, this restaurant was excellent and set in the old coach house of the mansion, honestly the food will make more lasting memories for me than Husk I would say 8/10.

Beautiful Charleston Building 

The horse and carriage tours 

honey tasting in the Savannah bee company store

beautiful church 

one of the many pretty houses to be found in Charleston

What famous restaurant have you eaten at recently and did it live up to the media hype for you?

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