Monday, October 10, 2011

Ploughman's Lunch

When my parents came I asked them to bring some Branston Pickle, a famous British pickle and a must for a ploughman's lunch. Branston pickle is made from Branston Pickle a variety of diced vegetables, including swede, carrots, onions, cauliflower and gherkins pickled in a sauce made from vinegar, tomato, apple and dates with spices.

I got hooked on ploughman's sandwich's when I was last home, sharp cheddar cheese, salad and branston pickle so good. Here's my take on it. Apparently the Milk Marketing Board came up with the idea in the 1960's to increase the sales of cheese and it stuck :-)
You will find this on the menu of cafes and pubs around the UK. 


  • a couple of slices of good ham
  • a few slices of a sharp cheddar cheese
  • a generous helping of Branston pickle not sure where to get it in the US maybe World Market?
  • any desired salad, I used mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and mango
  • I also had some brie and a couple of slices of whole grain bread

  1. add to a plate or make as a sandwich and enjoy 

Anyone else had this?

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