Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carrot and Coriander Soup

Here's another soup for you, posted before but since its soup season and this is one of my favorites I thought I would share the link again :-), I also made my first chowder recently and learnt from the facebook page that there are two kinds New England white clam chowder, milk based and Manhattan red broth with tomatoes added. I love the facebook page for the blog, linking travel and food articles and chatting there, learn so much from everyone feel free to join in the banter there too :-)

We all watched puss in boots last night fun movie :-)

Ever wondered about foraging, join me this morning at 12.30am EST as I talk to Michaela Ballman @nutrispeaking she recently did a course on it. With restaurants like Noma in Denmark regarded as the Worlds best restaurant being well known for foraging for menu items per Noma's website

We comb the countryside for berries and herbs that others would not bother with and work with foods that aren’t part of any system of formalised cultivation and consequently cannot be obtained through ordinary channels of distribution.

Here's an interview with the chef:


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