Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Arabic Shawarma with Pita

I was browsing food blogs last week and came across a wonderful Shawarma recipe , It looked pretty easy and I adore Middle Eastern food. she has the most delightful Dubai based blog with first class photography and cute pictures of her little daughter. I marvel at food bloggers with small children who manage to get good pictures. The day I took this picture I had made pita from scratch as we don't live in an area where we can get fresh pita. The hubby was watching the kiddies while I cooked and by the time I had finished I had a couple of minutes to snap a picture! 

The link to the recipe is above and for the pita I used that link but instead of using the oven I cooked it on a cast iron grill pan a great tip from Lisa . Overall I enjoyed the meal the pita were decent for a first attempt, its taken me years to master chapatti so next time they will be better, I loved the taste of the chicken and the lovely yogurt, mint and cilantro sauce. This dish brought back memories of our brief visit to Dubai.

Here's me enjoying tea in an Iranian restaurant this place was cool, called Apple in an office building with great food and views. 

with the driver of the jeep safari if you visit Dubai this is a must

Outside of a pretty Mosque, I wanted more of this and basically ancient culture. Dubai to me lacked this, modern city with very little ancient buildings this was one of the oldest mosques and only dates back to the 1970's. I enjoyed Turkey much more for this.

Camels, back in the day the people in this area were bedouins living in the dessert. 

No trip to Dubai is  complete without a trip to the gold shops the picture says it all! even a lot by Indian standards we actually stopped in Dubai on our way back to the UK from India three years ago after attending my brother in laws wedding.

I would say its worth visiting for a layover for maybe a couple of days but not as a destination, but that's of course my humble opinion. 

So where do you wish to travel to in 2012?

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