Saturday, February 11, 2012

British Scones from Short and Sweet

I recently bought Dan Lepards book Short and Sweet The Best of Home Baking. I love reading the Guardian and often link up the best food articles and recipes to the Chow and Chatter facebook page. I started to follow Dan on twitter some time back @dan_lepard and he's lovely such a warm genuine person. Not only is he an amazing baker and bread maker, he's an award winning one and author of numerous books on baking. 

I got this book for my Christmas its excellent and its as he says in the clip below. It can be purchased on amazon but at present shipped from UK hopefully it will come to the US soon. 
The best thing about People who are really talented and good people is that people will promote and share their books without being asked. No one gave me this book to review or asked me to do it and he is mentioned on blogs all the time. 
I made the scones and they turned out beautifully you can't beat scones with a cup of tea, its a British classic. 

I won't put the recipe here without permission but here's a similar one

He is so sweet can you believe he even nominated me for the shorty award 

I nominate  for a Shorty Award in because...she's a good egg. And they're the best sort 

and be sure to vote for me only have till Feb 17th :-)

go on grab one I know you want one :-)

Have a great weekend everyone

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