Saturday, February 18, 2012

Date Shake

Here's a wonderfully simple milk shake made with dates, dates are a great source of fiber, potassium, minerals and carotenoids. They are famous in the middle east and were introduced by the Persians around 550 BC Arabian warrior's brought them. I would imagine they made a wonderful easy to carry energy rich snack. Date's are grown on a palm tree in hotter climates and traditionally dates and milk are eating to break fast during Ramadan. The palm leaves from date palm are also often used to make crosses during palm Sunday. 

 Our daughter loves them and calls them big raisins, they make a great naturally sweet snack. 

from wikipedia 


  • one cup of milk
  • about 6 dates
  • a little sugar is needed, but honestly most dates are naturally sweet enough and its not needed

  1. add milk and dates to a blended and blend
  2. enjoy

In other news, voting ended yesterday for the Shorty awards (social media awards) and I am in 5th with 251 votes, the support from friends, bloggers and fellow dietitians has been amazing truly honored to know you all. So now we just wait and see what the judges decide, finger's and toes crossed :-)

Have a fun weekend everyone 


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