Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Omaha Botanical Center

We just visited Omaha's Botanical center, this was such an impressive garden, it needed a blog post. If your ever visiting Omaha Nebraska this must be on the list 

100 Bancroft Street
Omaha NC

beautiful flowers 

British style walled gardens 

Victorian garden, this Brit felt right at home -)

Now this was super cool, a model railway garden sad the wee train wasn't running

me and Roshan, he loved it 

Had to snap this one :-) 


lovely sculptures

cute fountain at main entrance

so many butterflies

interesting exhibit about a local botanist who experimented with dangerous plants and had a bad effect, certainly a different exhibition

We all enjoyed this place :-) 

Back home now in Winston Salem, must admit though I am struggling to read blogs and be as active on social media, with visitors here and travel, also now little Roshan is crawling I am non stop at present. Please forgive me if I haven't visited your blogs in a while always care about all my blogging friends 


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