Sunday, May 27, 2012

What to eat in Nice, France

Here are a few items you must try if you are visiting Nice in the South of France. It's so much fun and I feel important to try regional specialities as you never know when you will return and it really gives you a flavor of the area.

Cod we ate at a lovely restaurant called Cafe Bianco.

Tourtes de Blettes a traditional tart from Nice made with Swiss chard, raisins, pine nuts and apple sounds funny but so good. The sweet neighbor next door to the apartment we are renting brought it for us to try as we sat on the balcony sharing pizza with them last night. See below for recipe, may not be able to get it to link as blogging on my phone :-)

Of course no trip to France is complete without fresh baguettes and croissant.

Ravioli a speciality here, Roshan loved this :-)

Local park

Menu of awesome restaurant highly recommended and cheap mid day menu.

Eating pâté on balcony

Fish soup


Fresh asparagus at local market

Small streets in old town

Pâté and salad this was great had a texture like pulled pork

view from balcony :-)

Soca a traditional flatbread made from chick pea flour

Have a wonderful week everyone

Love Rebecca

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