Monday, June 25, 2012

Austrian Knödel

I had my first Knödel (stale bread dumplings) when we were en route to Munich from Northern Italy and stopped the night in a little town in the Dolomites.  We ate in a little place on a rainy evening, with two tired and hungry kids and were the only people in the place. I always remember how proud the owner was to introduce us to this dish. I re created the spinach one using this recipe, it can just be eaten on its own or in a clear soup. Overall they turned out fairly well but not as soft as the ones there. But they have been making them all their lives :-), kind of like me and chapatti they used to be like rocks now really good 10 years later. 

Also can you believe this is my 1000th post!!!, I should get a cake or something he he 

What dish have you tried to re create after a trip?

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