Monday, July 30, 2012

Good Coffee and Friends

We just had a fun couple of days in the San Francisco Bay area. On Friday I met a couple of dietitians for lunch at Spruce restaurant Katie Moreford and Trish of @dishbytrish. The restaurant deserves a mention first class food, and beautiful they even iron the tables ! It was hard with a teething baby though to enjoy but highly recommend it.

Later in the day I met Sumner @mydietitian I have tweeted with her for a while lovely person from LA and luck would have it she was in San Francisco to run the marathon today.

The wee man was crying a lot and I think she got scared away as promptly headed to her hotel for wine hour he he !

One of the things I wanted to tick of was a coffee at Blue Bottle coffee one of Americas premier coffee shops. It was first class and is an experience not only do they make wonderful espresso drinks with latte art, but they are famous for Japanese style slowly drip filtered see below-

I ordered a Kyoto iced coffee so good smooth and earthy.
Here's the website to learn more

If in town be sure to visit, they have a few locations and even in NYC. The cakes and food are also great I had a coffee and brandy cake and had quite the buzz!

Then on Saturday we had another wonderful meet up with Beth from @omgyummy, Orly @yumivore, Lynn who plans to start blogging again and EA @thespicyRD. We all brought our families, hubby's and kids it was magic like meeting old friends sad the west coast is so far will miss them.

The lovely crowd- Beth, Orly, me, Lynn and EA

In the evening we stayed in Sunnyvale south of San Francisco honestly one night in the downtown with two little ones was enough and it was super expensive.

I couldn't not meet two more blogging buddies who live in the area Kankana of Sunshine and Smile and Prerna of Indian Simmer. We went for South Indian as my hubby is from there :-) in silicon valley there is a huge community.



Me, Prerna and Kankana

Food blogging, twitter and Facebook are truly amazing have made amazing friends and it is so special when we get to meet in person.

Last leg of the adventure now as we head south to Monterey we were keen to take kids to aquarium.

Have a fab Sunday all

Hugs Rebecca

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