Friday, July 6, 2012

My Gardening Journey

I have always admired folks who gardened and loved my sweet neighbors who would give me produce from their gardens when I lived in Elkin. Even as a child I enjoyed eating broad beans and tomatoes from my Granddad's garden. I think recently following blogs and chatting with folks on the facebook page and twitter I finally got the confidence to give gardening a go. I am happy to say its really not that hard and its so rewarding to watch things grow and teach my wee daughter how we get our food. She happily planted the vegetables and enjoys eating them as a dietitian I can proudly say it works, growing vegetables connects children with their food and results in heathy eating. 

My Granddad is a huge inspiration to me, I adore and look up to him a sweet and witty man, with a dry sense of humor and a big heart. Here's a clip of his garden I took a few years ago

My Dad has followed in his Dad's footsteps and has some vegetables and a greenhouse in his house in Scotland and has been growing more the last few years. He very kindly built me a planter last summer when he was here around the time of our sons arrival and we started planting lettuce in the spring. Then when my parents returned this April I proudly made a salad with the lettuce for my Dad and he built me another box. You can see him pictured with J planting zucchini he said I won't believe how big they will get and he was right.

great memories 

picking lettuce, once you grow your own, you will be so spoilt the ones in the store don't taste that great

The zucchini plants

tomatoes, lettuce and spinach also strawberries but something keeps eating those :-)

green pepper and basil 

eggplant growing

another benefit of gardening is the wonderful blossoms you get this is for eggplant so pretty

every time we come and play outside Jasmine eats a tomato and recently she has also been giving her baby brother a taste :-)

My Granddad, her Great Granddad reading her a story in May magic 

The wee guy sharpening his two little teeth on zucchini

The best part fresh healthy ingredients to cook with 

We just serviced our bikes and fitted baby seats and also got a bike for Jasmine for her birthday. It has been 4 years since I have cycled and I was a tad nervous but it was so much fun.

Do you garden?, I am so glad I started its a fun journey excited to see how our peas come along. If you like this post your welcome to follow along on my gardening pinterest board and share tips :-)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 

hugs Rebecca

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