Sunday, August 5, 2012

Local Clemmons NC Honey

As I was driving home from my friends house today in Clemmons North Carolina I saw a sign for local honey, yep you know me well had to stop and get some.

Heres the lovely bee keeper he started his hives 3 years ago when someone from his church offered him bees! He figured why not he was retired. He states that he is getting more each year but that it's hard work and hot:-)

I was intrigued by the difference in the color he said the darker one is made from spring blooms on the poplar trees. The lighter local flowers, he has a beautiful yard full of them ;-)

His pretty yard the bees live behind the barn

Pretty country roads

Yummy honey and butter toast, our daughter loved it,

Local folks here is his details go get you some -

Local honey
John Hartman
336 766 5576
loop road
Clemmons NC

Remember you can find wonderful local food and beauty right on your doorstep :-)

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