Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Osmiza - An Ancient Food and Cultural event

Pablo tweeted this link to me yesterday, I was curious so clicked it had never heard of the event before and was captivated by the clip, well made and told a wonderful story of ancient food and culture. After a few tweets back and forth I found out he is a talented documentary maker, designer and photographer from Argentina currently in Italy. He followed me on twitter from the twitter suggestion box! I immediately asked if I could add to Chow and Chatter and if he would share something about it. 

"Osmiza is a centennial tradition placed in the border between Italy and Slovenia, on the former austro hungaric empire. A rule from the emperor Franz Joseph II allowed the peasants to sell their wine and cold cuts without taxes for only eight days on their premises. There was only one condition: to put a wranch of Ivy on the door of each Osmiza. In 2012, the tradition adapts and endures, and on the steep and narrow paths of the carsian hills, the best cheeses, cold cuts and wines can be found on these places held for generations".

About me: Pablo Apiolazza is a designer and filmmaker born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He worked most of his life in post-production for TV and film and in the last days as a documentary producer, specially travel docs.
My website is

Has anyone else heard of this?

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