Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sushi Making Fun

So our wee now 4 year old daughter loves sushi. We made some recently at home all in all it was a lot of fun to make and not really that hard, just need some sushi rice, nori and a bamboo mat to roll it in. We choose to fill it with shrimp and avocado. As it was for kids we used cooked fish although when we are out she eats raw from a good place made fresh. 

Overall it came out well, but I think we used a tad too much rice and it was all over the place. I based the technique and recipes on these two posts - California roll recipe from No recipes and Nami's blog Just one Cookbook. Both have great step by step pictures. 

Once I nail my version I will share a recipe :-)

Making sushi fun to make with kids 

It was our darling daughters 4th birthday today we went to a local frozen yogurt shop and celebrated with her friends. I can't stay enough about the joy of being a mum pure love.

me with Jasmine when she was about a week old :-)

Who makes their own sushi?

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