Friday, September 14, 2012

Brennivin and Shark in Iceland

Here's a fun clip of me sampling some traditional Icelandic food with the lovely Lea of Hesteimar Horse farm, highly recommend a stay here, they have wonderful rooms and cabins and home cooked meals by the family. It is located in Southern Iceland with great accessibility to the coast, the golden circle route and amazing country drives.

The farm is a world class breeding facility for Icelandic horses that haven't left Iceland or been mixed for 1000 years. We celebrated the wee mans first birthday here and sweet Lea made a cake - magic. The farm also offers riding lessons and trail riding. 

me and our darling now one year old

this is traditional Icelandic bread made by Lea, it is slow cooked for 7 hours at a low temperature. In fact in the area's near hot springs, local's bake it in the ground for 24 hrs. Its great with butter for fish. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 

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