Sunday, September 9, 2012

Exploring Southern Iceland

Iceland is stunning and if you visit :-) be sure to hire a car and explore outside of Reykjavik. The roads are good and well marked and the locals friendly. We drove about an hour South East of Reykjavik and stayed on a horse farm. I highly recommend farm stays when we visited New Zealand a couple of years ago we stayed on a sheep farm. That one didn't have any heating and despite all the blankets it was a tad nippy in Iceland the homes are heated with geo thermal heat and nice and toasty.


We rented a delightful little cabin and celebrated the wee mans first birthday there it was magic. The owners were lovely and happy to chat about Iceland and the local food and culture. Native foods to Iceland include blueberries, barley and fish. I even had the guts to try rotten shark meat there with snaps :-) stay turned for a clip with Leah the owner.

Stunning Icelandic horse

This is the traditional bread made by Leah baked in a milk carton at 200 for 7 hrs I will email her for the recipe :-)

We stopped for lunch at Hotel Anna along highway one headed towards Vik lovely little place in the country with great food.

Arctic char with thyme

Beautiful waterfall complete with a rainbow - skogafoss

Beautiful black beach, unfortunately we missed the puffins as they have headed south to Africa!!

Playing in pebbles

Sheep crossing the road :-)

The mighty gullfoss falls :-) another must see close to geyser

Checking out the water in the area it's hot ;-)

For lunch today we had lamb soup so good and a recipe I will try and re create this fall

As we drove through the national park we spotted an older couple picking something we couldn't resist stopping to ask.

They were foraging for wild blueberries

We fly home on Monday it's been wonderful. The people, landscapes and food are all first class, we hope to visit again one day

Have a great start to the week everyone



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