Monday, September 3, 2012

The High Line

We have been in New York City this weekend with friends :-) its been fun although big cities with wee ones can be a little crazy. Today we visited the high line a length of old disused railway track in the meat packing district. There are various entrances to this marvelous greenway often with elevators, we used the area off 14th street a neat neighborhood with restaurants and the famous Chelsea Market a fun gourmet food market.

Me on the high line I simple adored this area it provides a great place to walk with pretty flowers and green areas.

I had the pleasure of having a few tweet ups on the trip first with Mdvani a lovely fashion designer, foodie and world traveler you may recall he did a guest post here complete a video tutorial on his version of eggplant Parmesan.

I also got to meet Toby Amidor another great person and fellow registered dietitian I meet from twitter.

I have visited NYC a few times and although it's fun with great food with wee ones I crave green less busy areas. We met friends who used to live in North Carolina who now live in Long island today with their three kids and this was a fun spot especially the grassy area for them to crawl and run in.

Plants growing amongst the tracks

If your visiting the city please add this place to your itinerary you will not regret it.

Hugs Rebecca

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