Thursday, December 13, 2012

Labneh - Middle Eastern Soft Cheese

This is a gem of a recipe, its basically stained Greek style yogurt to remove the whey, it makes a delightful cream cheese but the bonus is because its made from Greek yogurt its high in protein and low in fat, got to love that. It could be seasoned with anything, I added zat 'tar and fresh mint and olive oil. Its a popular cheese in the Middle East and in fact its also made into balls and stored in olive oil. Labneh is wonderful as a dip or in sandwiches or on crackers. 

Its a traditional Bedouin food that can be made from camels, goats, buffalo and cows milk. The Bedouin folks would also make a dried labneh by squeezing it between two cheese clothes and stones and drying in the sun. This would preserve it and make it great for travel.  In Gaza it is a common breakfast food, eaten with flat bread. 
So how will you use yours ?
Bedouin family in Oman from Wikipedia 


makes a small bowl full, I am now making it once a week :-)
  • one cup of Greek yogurt 
  • a pinch of zat' tar
  • a handful of fresh mint chopped
  • a drizzle of olive oil 

  1. cover a bowl with paper towels or muslin cloth and add Greek yogurt, leave in fridge overnight to drain
  2. mix with zat tar, mint and olive oil and enjoy - it will keep in the fridge for a couple of days 

my wee taste tester, and I have to take the pictures fast :-)

This is so good, hubby even asked for it again. 

Who has had it?

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