Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Roasted Chestnuts with Cardamon Tea

Its chestnut season, these wonderful nuts are lovely this time of year many of us enjoy them on a city street roasted and of course the words chestnuts roasting on an open fire spring to mind. I had eaten them in various cities. I had never tried roasting them at home after a chat on the Chow and Chatter facebook page I decided it was time, and made slits in the skin as Paul mentioned if you don't they will explode!

Chestnuts are the only nut containing vitamin C they are also a good source of  copper, and a very good source of Manganese. About a 100 years ago the American chestnut tree was wiped out by a virus and its only recently through dedication and hard work coming back.


  • one cup of chestnuts
  • a baking sheet 
  • cookie sheet

  1. make a cross shape score in each chestnut with a sharp knife
  2. bake at 400 for about 20 minutes until you see the skin starting to peel
  3. allow to cool and peel 
  4. these made a great mid afternoon snack with a cup of cardamon tea (this was simple tea I brewed with a couple of cardamom pods added) 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, its boxing day today in the UK where I am from, so folks are of work apparently its a day boxes would be given from bosses to their staff with bonus's or gifts for a year of good work, as they had more than likely worked on Christmas day they were given the next day of to visit their families. These days its a huge shopping day equivalent to the after thanksgiving sales here in the US.

Some folks even take a very chilly dip on boxing day for charity,  wearing fancy dress. Here's a clip of some super brave folks :-)

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