Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boston, Lincolnshire food market

Before leaving the UK in a days time I thought I would share a wee post of the local food market in the town where my Grandparents and most of my family live. Boston Lincolnshire it's a mid size market town, surrounded by one of the largest agricultural areas in the UK so much of the produce is locally grown.

Fresh Brussels sprouts


This local butcher shop is famous for Boston sausage a delicious sausages full of herbs and flavor I have sadly never found anything like it in the states and folks come from all over for them.

We snacked on warm sausage rolls as we walked through the town it's been snowing in England and its quite chilly.

Boston stump a famous church built in 1300s

Love this door

The wee man playing with my other Grandmas teapots ;-)

We also took my grandma out for tea at an old hotel in woodhall spa with my Mum and Dad. She is pretty much home bound now and my Granddad is on dialysis we drove to visit him in hospital he's ok though.

All in all it's been amazing adventure and a joy to see all the family but we are exhausted and the kids are worn out I think. Time to head home :-)

Looking forward to being back on my laptop and visiting all your blogs

Much love and thanks for traveling with us :-)

Love Rebecca

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