Sunday, January 13, 2013

Foods to Eat in Heidelburg

We stopped in Germany for three days en route to India mostly for fun and to see friends there but also we were chicken to fly direct with the hyper wee guy. We decided to drive south from Frankfurt and stay in Heidelburg it is a delightful city with lovely historic buildings and excellent food. Here are a few things to try but I am sure there are lots more

Cake ;-) this part of Germany has wonderful cakes this one was a plum cake.

Flamkuchen it's basically German pizza a flat bread traditionally topped with sour cream, bacon and onion so good especially with beer.

It's just after Christmas so enjoy a winter spiced hot chocolate this was lovely and not too sweet.

This was a curry wurst a snack food all over Germany I have wanted to try for a while, basically sausage with curry powder our one year old loved this.

More cake - this one we had in Freiburg was a black Forrest cake

And these cookie snowballs ;-)

A winter market it was pretty nippy when we were there and I loved the fact that folks still cycled and rowed boats on the river they just bundled up.

So if your planning a trip to Germany be sure to add in Heidelburg it won't disappoint.

Hugs Rebecca

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