Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pongal in South India

We arrived safely in India to celebrate Pongal a Hindu festival very popular in South India celebrating harvest. I thought I would share a few pictures to show how folks celebrate it in Chennai. Like all Indian festivals folks buy new clothes for it I went with my sweet in laws and our daughter to get clothes for the kids. The shops were mobbed I think It was a little overwhelming for our little one. It is moments like this that make the long tiring journeys worth it to see the joy on my in laws faces as they shopped and got clothes and prepared for pongal priceless.

The busy streets of Chennai

Turmeric roots

This lady was selling flowers on the side of the road common in India lots of ladies wear them in their hair. I always do when I visit ;-) she was also selling colored powder for folks to make colored designs outside their homes for pongal.

My Aunt making a design

This one was done by my sis in law, folks did them in the evening before

In the morning a small fire was made on the roof to cook the pongal, pongal is a rice dish cooked in a special pot one is sweet and one savory.

After it was cooked and prayers made we all sat on the floor and ate on a banana leaf ;-)

I don't eat much ;-) but was tasty from left - vada a fried spicy doughnut, sambar, poriyal , rice and sweet pongal

Sugar cane is brought to decorate homes and you can see them on the streets for sale ;-)

Street cow roaming around

Small roadside shrine

Cousins playing :-)

Happy pongal everyone

Love from Rebecca in India

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