Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunrises and sunsets in Chennai

One of the things I will miss here is the terrace/ roof top I have really enjoyed watching pretty sunsets over the city in the evenings with a cuppa as the kids play there. Here are a few pictures ;-)

One morning I woke early and figured why not stay up for the sunrise here's a lady in the opposite houses doing a rangoli design early morning

6.30am all was quiet no car horns just the sound of birds lovely

The view of a small temple there is also a church on the street

I watched neighbors carrying water from a shared tap up the stairs and felt so grateful to have taps in the house. Water is so very previous and sometimes we forget.

Here comes the sun.....

It's our last night here in Chennai tomorrow we then go to Mumbai for a night to say hi to friends and onto a chilly UK to see my family on the way back to America. Excited to have a cup of tea and cake at my Grandmas with all the family and let the kids have a break from the mosquito bites;-)

Hope your all well have a great start to the week

Hugs Rebecca

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