Saturday, February 2, 2013

South Indian filter coffee

One of my favorite drinks in India is South Indian filter coffee its made with a little stainless steel filter and a coffee and chicory mix. Coffee is grown in a few places in India in fact last time we visited we visited a plantation in Coorg, its mostly Robusta that is grown that is then mixed with Arabica. Here's a link to a wonderful article about India's coffee industry in the Seattle Times . The filter makes a small amount of concentrated coffee like a shot and its added to hot milk and then poured from container to container like the guy above is doing. Its quite an art :) and it creates a great foam on the coffee. My hubby used to do this to coffee when we were dating I thought he was crazy until I went to India, now when we go I always order it. 

see the foam even minus an espresso machine :-)

the filter

me and my cousin having a coffee on the way back from the beach, this little place was by the side of the road and folks were stopping by enjoying coffee it reminded me of folks in Italy having their espresso :-), I would love to bring this to America one day. 

So who wants a cup? 

this is my sweet hubby making it for me :-)

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