Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meet Mattsun a Tokyo based Latte Artist

I adore good coffee and especially have a great respect for latte artists as its beautiful to admire and takes great talent its also just plain cool. I meet Mattsun on twitter and one day he mentioned he would love for more folks to see his work, so I suggested a wee interview here: 

RS:  How long have you been making latte art and what made you start?

I am doing latte art from four years before.
It had responded to many visitors' request at the Italian restaurant which I was committing.

RS:  2. So your a full time latte artist? Is it a popular career in Japan

I am working in the dog cafe of Tokyo now. Of course, latte art is also drawn and things are cooked. I appear also in a TV program, draw latte art at a party, or am working broadly in Japan.

RS:  Tell us a little about yourself and how to enjoy following your creations - twitter handle, site :-)

3.I think that I am really glad for you to be able to see by Twitter. - Here is Mattsuns twitter handle @latte_artist_jk 

In this way, I also get the people of a distant foreign country to see, have been doing latte art, and think that it was good.

I left his replies in his English although not perfect I didn't want to change as its understandable and so much better than my Japanese. Here is a nice bio from his site and be sure to click his website for more amazing latte art 

MattsunLatte Artist / Japanese

I drew my first latte art in 2009 at an Italian restaurant I was working at. The first character I drew was Japan’s national character, Isono Katsuo. Presently, I have drawn more than 500 varieties of latte art. In 2011, the latte art I had drawn up until that point become popular on the internet, and in the summer of 2012, due to the support of fans, I held an exhibit called “Blue Sky Latte Art” in Dotonbori, Osaka. There were even announcements for it online, and it turned out to be a huge success. Now, I am known by overseas users, and my work is featured on TokyoOtakuMode as well as internet news sites both inside and outside of Japan. In the winter of 2012, I also appeared on the TV program “Star Draft Kaigi”. My current goal is to own my own mobile cafe so that I can bring smiles to people all across Japan. I moved from Osaka to Tokyo and I am beginning my career as a latte artist while going to various events.

I will leave you with one of my favorite a cherry blossom :-), be sure to follow him lovely guy with great talent he is very eager for more folks around the world to see his work so share away I love helping folks out. I have also pitched his story to an editor so fingers crossed for him and I will share if she picks up the story :-) 

Have a blessed Easter weekend 



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