Monday, April 1, 2013

Turkish spiced crab cakes

I adore crab cakes one of my favorite foods in America, especially the ones in Maryland. It wasn't something I remember really eating growing up so when I moved here was often an item we would order of menu's, also buy ready made in the store. Its actually really easy to make them and the flavor combinations can be endless, you can stay American and use old bay seasoning add Asian flavors to them or with these I added a Turkish spice blend to it. They make a great light lunch over greens or as a main meal with cous cous or quinoa. 


  • 7 wheat crackers smashed
  • One teaspoon Turkish spices
  • 4 small peppers finely chopped
  • 3 spring onions chopped
  • 4 cherry tomatoes chopped
  • 4 tablespoon mayo
  • Handful of fresh cilantro chopped
  • one can of crab meat

  1. simple mix all the ingredients together, form into patties I got a good 6 out of it, good value :-)
  2. lightly pan fry in olive oil for about 3 min on each side until lightly browned.

Serve over a mixed green salad with a little lemon juice :-)

I am going to Kansas city this Thursday to speak at MINK a big nutrition conference I am excited but leaving my babies for the first time ever so that will be hard. 

Have a great week everyone hugs 


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