Saturday, April 27, 2013

Indian Potato Chips

These potato chips are easy to make and bursting with spicy flavor. They could be a nice snack but really they shine when eaten with dal. My hubby often makes them. I made these when my parents were here I have fond memories of the day as we all played musical chairs for the first time the kids loved it. 


  • about 5 potatoes thinly sliced either with a knife or a mandoline
  • salt to taste 
  • one teaspoon masala powder or any desired curry powder
  • about a tablespoon of canola oil

  1. slice the potatoes 
  2. coat the slices in masala powder, salt and a little oil 
  3. heat a little oil in a hot pan and lightly pan fry about 3 minutes on each side until crisp.

Served with cauliflower dal, stay tuned for a dal recipe :-) 

and check out the blossoms on my fava bean plants exciting, love gardening 

Have a great weekend everyone 


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