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Best Chocolate Desserts Recipes

Best Chocolate Desserts Recipes - Chocolate is awesome to everyone you can say most of the girls like to take taste of chocolates. Is here any girl reading this post who don't like chocolate ? no, all girls you can say 99.99% girls love to eat chocolate and 0.01% don't thinking about them? they also love chocolate but not showing in public lol. Hi people let me show how to make Best Chocolate Desserts.

Best Chocolate Desserts Recipes

Best Chocolate Desserts Recipes

Here is what you'll need to make your loving Best Chocolate Desserts Recipes

Cookies ‘N’ Cream Ice Cream for serving 10 peoples, you can share with your family member but if you like to eat alone then also you can try we all know girls eat more than boys.

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INGREDIENTS of Best Chocolate Desserts Recipes
2 cups heavy cream
1 can condensed milk
40 sandwich cookies

PREPARATION for Best Chocolate Desserts Recipes
Separate cookies and cream filling into two different bowls.
Pour the cookies into a plastic bag and smash with a rolling pin until they are crumbs.
Combine crumbs and condensed milk in a bowl, mix together and set aside.
In a large bowl, whip your heavy cream with a hand mixer until stiff peaks form.
Fold the cookie mix into the whipped cream and transfer to a deep baking dish. Top with additional cookie crumbs (if desired).
Freeze for 4 hours.

Your Best Chocolate Desserts Recipes is ready to taste.

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